First I would like to clarify the terminology because it itself already tells us what we can expect from these cosmetics.

Clean means pure and in cosmetics it means products that do NOT contain potentially harmful ingredients for skin health.

Cosmeceutics means effective cosmetics because it uses the highest percentages of clinically proven active ingredients, small and large molecular levels, formulated in an adequate pH environment, which skin can recognize, absorb and obtain a visible, long-term result.

Clean beauty product must satisfy these two main criteria:

1. Non-toxic ingredients
At its core, clean beauty means that you can use a product without potentially harmful skincare ingredients. 

2. Transparent labels
Being transparent means being open and honest about all the ingredients used in your products.

Does Clean Beauty Have to Be All-Natural?

The answer is no, clean beauty doesn’t have to be all-natural.

It’s the twenty-first century, and the science of beauty has evolved to include a plethora of safe synthetics medical knowledge, safe man-made ingredients, and even safe preservatives.

In fact, ALL cosmetics should contain some form of safe preservation to maintain the stability of the formulation.

As long as certain synthetic ingredients are non-toxic and proven to have no harmful effects, they can be incorporated into clean beauty products.

Does Clean Beauty Have to be Organic?

No, clean beauty doesn’t have to be organic.

Yes, clean beauty CAN be organic, but it’s not a requirement. What is a requirement, however, is that those ingredients are SAFE, regardless of whether or not they’re organic.

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