The story of how Aprive cosmeceutics were created, the Croatian brand of functional and clean cosmeceutics.

Across the sea of information and products, for years, I was not able to find exactly the kind of skin care that will suit my combination, often sensitive, dehydrated skin. Problems persisted, most commonly as subcutaneous pimples, redness, blisters followed by irritation, in response to commercial cosmetics. It was a futile search of trial and error with no results, and it lasted for over 20 years, during which I tried different products – from expensive big names to inexpensive local ones. Exhausted by the struggle for healthy and beautiful skin, I decided to commit to it entirely!

I set off to research and spent a lot of time studying the ingredients, their effects, principles and methods of skin care. It was an everlasting challenge.

To be functional, to get a result, while its ingredients does NOT harm the health of the skin.

I turned to nature and gave her the trust to nourish and heal my skin. For a long time, I used only organic cosmetics. I liked it because it is healthy. The love for healthy cosmetics came from the love of self. It has become important to me what products I apply to this perfect tool that serves me faithfully – my body. It was the result of a long process, careful observation and personal growth, in which I chose how to act towards myself and others, but at the same time… I was overwhelmed by some magical alchemy brought by all these green colorful bottles, oils, creams, compositions and its actions. During each trip, I searched for local cosmetics manufacturers, tracked their performance and the scent trail that would take me back to my place.

On the other hand, with organic cosmetics, I failed to achieve that WOW factor and long-term effects that I achieved with cosmeceutical care. I loved the results, the brilliant, toned skin of the cosmeceutical products, but I gave up on them because I would always find some of the ingredients in the composition that may pose a health risk. Some effective cosmeceuticals products contain more natural ingredients than others, but, a compromise was not reached, precisely because of the content of some of the potentially harmful ingredients.

I wondered why it is so difficult to find this ideal balance of science and nature? Can you not design a product that will have the concentration, power and strength of the active ingredients of cosmeceutics, be united with nature, but also formulated without ingredients such as silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances, colors, etc. It was precisely my frustration with this flaw that gave birth to my passion.

I decided to follow this feeling and launch my own cosmetic line that would satisfy just that. To be formulated without potentially harmful ingredients, unite the best of man’s (science) synergy and nature, and give a quick, visible result! Especially when it comes to advanced skin care, such as anti-aging care. And so, I discovered a job I truly enjoy. Aprive is my passion, my creativity, my love, and the notion of the limitless inspiration, my response and the message that we consciously exist if we follow our passion. To follow our passion is the only thing we need to do, to be great at what we do, and to be able to contribute to ourselves and others.

Together with a team of top experts, I created a brand that I first tested on my skin, and then offered to others.

The brand owner, Anita Mikulandra Švajger

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