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October 2022

We tested the entry-level
retinol of the Croatian
brand – it left us

“Inception is truly an ingeniously formulated product that introduces you to your first retinoid product routine in a fantastically gentle yet effective way.”

October 2022

It’s time for retinol in
skincare: choose the best
Aprive formula
for you

“The latest NLC retinol microencapsulation technology of the innovative Croatian brand Aprive is a special pure retinol delivery system that guarantees the best result.”

October 2022

I tried the serum with vitamin C and the face cream with peptides from the Croatian brand

“For me, the Aprive brand is a hit because its products contain many more active ingredients in a much higher concentration than some I have used before, and they work on skin structural changes.”

October 2022

ECONOMIST IN THE BEAUTY BUSINESS: She couldn’t find a suitable cream, so she created an entire cosmetic line

“And while she talks about her work, Anita’s every sentence exudes passion and commitment. It’s a great privilege, says this successful entrepreneur, to do a job that you don’t see as work (obligation) at all.”

September 2020

When you can’t find a suitable cream, so you make your own and then turn it into a career – this is just such a story!

“The products are really fantastic because they were created due to the need or, more precisely, the search of one woman who tried it on her skin and understood that the preparation her skin was looking for was the one she should create herself.”

July 2020

Revolutionary Croatian
brand which shatters
paradigms cosmetic

“Aprive is chosen by conscious, demanding customers, who are careful about what they put on their skin and who do not need to be convinced that a superior product can be produced at an affordable price.”

April 2020

The highest quality line of cosmeceuticals from a Croatian laboratory

“If something can bring a smile to our face at any moment, it is a wonderful story of success, perseverance and passion – and that is exactly what is hidden behind the top domestic cosmeceutical brand Apriva.”

January 2020

Quality ingredients
good price

“Aprive cosmetics emphasizes a high concentration of active ingredients, with the complete absence or the smallest possible measure of potentially harmful ingredients, so it belongs to the growing group of so-called clean cosmetics.”

July 2019

Aprive – superb
cosmetics available
to everyone

“In Anita’s life, there were two parallel career paths – working in the system or creating functional cosmetics, formulated without ingredients that potentially harm the skin. Following my passion, my love for cosmetics prevailed.”

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