Vitamin C

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15% vitamin C (AG + SAP) + vit E + ferulic acid + hyaluronic acid + liquorice extract.

Skin type: All skin types
Fluid gel serum, 30 ml
pH value: 7

Purpose: A powerful antioxidant serum, intended for all skin types that lack radiance, freshness, with visible signs of aging.

– Promotes collagen production
– Gives a radiant youthful glow to skin
– Reduces the visibility of wrinkles and dehydration lines
– Evens out the complexion damaged by hyperpigmentation changes
– Slows down melanin synthesis and thus prevents hyperpigmentation
– Skin looks fuller and firmer
– Moisturizes
– Improves skin tone
– Reduces damage caused by sun exposure

Vitamin C is an intense antioxidant serum, whose light, fast-absorbing, odorless texture makes this serum suitable for use before a morning nourishing cream.



Vitamin C serum is a product that combines a proven effective and powerful combination of 15% vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid with the addition of hyaluronic acid. High concentration of C vitamins in this combination gives exceptional properties to the serum in the ability to synthesize collagen and antioxidant and photoprotection, which are the main precursors in preserving the youthful appearance of the skin. Vitamin C penetrates through the lipid layer of the skin and allows for easy absorbency of the gentle, fluid texture of the serum, formulated at an optimal pH 7 level.

Products containing this form of vitamin C are very stable, their texture and color does not change.

Additional information

Vitamin C formula contains two types of vitamin C derivatives, in a proportion of 12% ascorbic glucoside (AG) and 3% sodium ascorbic phosphate (SAP) which allows good penetration and a prolonged effect on the skin. Vitamin C has been shown to increase collagen synthesis fivefold. If to skin cells – fibroblasts, which are responsible for the formation of collagen, we add vitamin C, it will increase collagen synthesis and the skin will be more elastic, firmer and will look younger, because collagen itself fills the wrinkles and improves the structure of the skin.

Due to vitamin C, collagen also takes the best configuration and becomes more resistant to damage. It also ensures the stability of collagen exposed to UV radiation. Vitamin C also boosts the formation of lipid barriers of the skin – oils important for protecting the skin. It prevents melanin synthesis, thereby preventing the development of hyperpigmentation and discoloration on the skin. It can also help fade existing ones.

The distinctiveness of the Vitamin C formula is in the effective combination of a high dose of vitamin C with vitamin E and ferulic acid which in synergy give exceptional properties in the ability to synthesize collagen and antioxidant and photoprotection. Vitamin E has been shown to boost the effectiveness of vitamin C up to four times. Water-soluble vitamin C restores vitamin E which is a lipophilic antioxidant. In synergy, they also protect hydrophilic and lipophilic parts of cells and prevent cell apoptosis (programmed cell death). If we include 0.5% ferulic acid in this combination, we have a superior ally in preventing acute and chronic UV damage to the skin.

Ferulic acid, as a powerful antioxidant, slows down melanin synthesis and thus prevents the development of hyperpigmentation on the skin, and helps to fade existing ones. The addition of hyaluronic acid preserves and maintains the hydration of the tissue, filling the space, allowing for fuller skin. An optimal pH 7 level allows for penetration of vitamin C through the lipid layer of the skin.

Purpose: Makes the skin more radiant, brighter, more elastic and firmer, reducing the expressiveness of fine lines and wrinkles, and also works to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Packaging: Airless opaque vial, 30 ml

Formula: No silicone, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA. No ingredients of animal origin.

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Recommended use

It is recommended to apply Vitamin C serum in the morning due to its antioxidant properties. When exposed directly to the sun, Vitamin C serum can be applied in the morning under the product with UV protection, which will further strengthen the protection effects of the product from harmful radiation.

It is necessary to evenly apply fluid gel all over the face, neck and décolleté. After the application continue with the usual care. It can be combined and gives excellent results with AgeLess emulsion, and can be combined with an exfoliant, depending on the needs of the skin.

3 reviews for Vitamin C

  1. Tamara V.

    A real lifting effect with a feeling of freshness.

  2. Ivana C.

    the best vitamin C serum I have ever tried. The skin is firmer and more radiant than before, simply brightens the entire face without drying out. I would also like to praise the packaging of these products. Apart from looking beautiful, they are perfectly hygienic because you do not come into direct contact with the product at any time.

  3. Mia R.

    I used the serum with vitamin C every morning and evening and after only 15 days my facial skin shone with a special glow, and it looked rejuvenated. I have also noticed that the skin regains more and more elasticity over time, the way I had about 10 years ago when I was in my thirties. I note that my skin is thin and prone to dryness and irritation, and that was the reason I was afraid to use products that contain vitamin C in higher concentrations. However, this serum suited me perfectly and the effect exceeded my expectations.

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Vitamin C
34,00  (VAT included)